10 Questions to Ask a Client to Sell a Survey With an ITA Project Go


Here some 10 Questions to Ask a Client to Sell a Survey With an ITA Project Go.

  1. Describe the level of tax planning you do annually to reduce taxes AND the risk of an audit?


The IRS continues to announce its intent to audit more family and closely held businesses. It’s simply a way to raise revenue for the IRS.


  1. How often do you meet with your attorney and CPA to discuss NEW ideas and opportunities relating to personal and business asset protection and tax planning?


  1. Your CPA prepares your financial statements and tax returns, but does your CPA have the resources at their disposal to stay current with the seven million word tax code and regulations?


  1. Do you realize that by minimizing taxes across the board you can create a competitive advantage in your market?


      If your competition does proactive tax planning, do you realize you have to work harder just to keep up?


  1. Do you realize that in a review of tax records from the past decade, the US General Accounting Office stated that 94% of companies paid less that 5% in tax, and 61% paid NO tax at all?


      Based on these numbers do you think you are paying more than your fair share of tax?


  1. Has your attorney discussed alternative entity options with you such as LLCs and multi-entity structures that could potentially provide you and your business the ability to better protect your assets AND reduce your taxes?


  1. Has your attorney educated you on the requirements of following corporate requirements to ensure your personal assets are protected from business creditors?


  1. Do you realize if you are not having corporate meetings, updating corporate minutes and records, and avoiding co-mingling corporate and personal assets and funds a court may allow a business creditor to seize your personal assets?


  1. Will you have enough money to retire with AND do the things that you have always wanted to? Do you have the financial base for an early retirement?


  1. How do you plan to exit your business? Has anyone discussed the tax advantaged options available to you?


Who will help you Mr./Ms. Client? The answer is simple – ITA can. ITA can do everything discussed above. More importantly ITA will educate you on the alternatives and options available and help you make the best decisions. Your financial future depends on it. Our Senior Business Analyst can provide you a tax illustration during the business analysis to show you on paper how our tax services division can put tax savings in your pocket, protect your assets from creditors, and develop a strategic tax plan for you and your business so that you can achieve your financial goals for the future.

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