4 Ways Apps Can Enhance your Marketing

Did you know there are apps that easily integrate with your Constant Contact account? These apps are designed to help you get more from all the great work you’re already doing.

See four examples of how apps can help expand your marketing activities, along with some suggested apps to try out. http://blogs.constantcontact.com/fresh-insights/marketing-apps/?rmc=pm_ht_all&M=71B2BB69-69FC-4BAA-9563-1566B2FE56C4

Here at Constant Contact, we help small businesses find easy and innovative ways to grow and manage their business.

One way we do this is by partnering with technology professionals who build apps that expand the functionality of Constant Contact, improve business processes, or enhance your marketing efforts.

If you’ve never used an app to help market your business, don’t worry.

All of these tools easily integrate with your Constant Contact account, and are designed to help you get more from all the great work you’re already doing!

Here are four examples of how our app partners can help you expand your marketing activities, along with some suggested apps for you to try out.

Note: You can check out all 200+ apps in the Constant Contact MarketPlace (many of which are free or include free trials).

1. Grow your list

If you’re a Constant Contact customer, you’ve hopefully already tried some of our built-in list growth tools — like our customizable online sign-up forms which can easily be added to your website or Facebook Page.

In addition to these easy-to-use tools, we also integrate with a number of app partners that offer new and creative ways for you to grow your email list.

Here are a few to consider:

  • iCapture: Capture new email addresses from a tablet or smartphone.
  • Digioh: Use exclusive content to encourage email sign ups
  • Viewbix: Turn viewers into leads for your business by adding an email sign-up form to any video.

2. Find and create content

Coming up with content on a consistent basis can be a major burden. This is especially true when you don’t have the time or resources to always create content of your own. One of the best ways to overcome your content challenges is to curate content from other, trusted sources.

You can then pull snippets of this content straight into your Constant Contact email template, and link back to its original source. This makes it easy to find content that will keep your audience engaged, and can also free you up to create new content of your own.

Here are some of our favorite content discovery apps:

  • XYDO: Find relevant, trending content from across the internet that your customers will love.
  • FlashIssue: Enter a blog address, RSS feed, or key search word and FlashIssue will recommend content for you to check out.

3. Improve your social media results

If you’re using sites like Facebook and Twitter to engage with customers and promote your business, you know how valuable these channels can be. But you may have also found that using these sites can come with some challenges, as well.

We’ve worked hard to find app partners that offer solutions to some of the most common social media challenges.

Here are a few examples to consider:

  • MarketMeSuite: Use MarketMeSuite’s “Inbox for Social,” to stay organized and more effectively engage with your different social media audiences from one central location. Constant Contact customers can use MarketMeSuite to easily share email campaigns, images, and events with fans and followers.
  • Qwiqq: Use Qwiqq to create posts that not only highlight your products, but also offer a way for fans and followers to make purchases right away.

4. Track and measure your results

If you’re a Constant Contact customer, you’re hopefully already using our campaign reporting tools to your advantage. But there are also a number of app partners that offer additional reporting features, and can also help consolidate all of your business and marketing data in one place.

Here are three apps worth checking out:

  • SimpleRelevance: Designed to help you create more personalized messages for your different groups of customers, SimpleRelevance combines your customers’ unique geographic, social and demographic data with interests and past purchase behavior to automatically send emails with personalized product recommendations. 
  • SumAll: In addition to pulling in your campaign reports from Constant Contact, SumAll allows you to manage all of your different reporting tools like Google Analytics, as well as keeping track of reports from Facebook and Twitter, all in one place.
  • Cyfe: Use Cyfe’s all-in-one dashboard to keep track of all of your marketing and business reports.

Connecting apps to your Constant Contact account is easy and quick — no technical know-how required.

If you are looking to enhance your current marketing efforts, we recommend checking out the innovative marketing apps available in the MarketPlace.

For more information about these and other apps, make sure to subscribe to our Hints & Tips newsletter. We will be taking a closer look at how these different apps can be used to your advantage over the next few months.

Have questions about apps? Post them in the comments below or email our team directly at marketplace@constantcontact.com.


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