Amembal’s Operating Lease Seminar, London – May 6 & 7, 2014

Register Now: Amembal’s Operating Lease Seminar, London – May 6 & 7, 2014
May 6 & 7, 2014
Grange Langham Court Hotel
The operating lease is here to stay! It is increasingly being offered in emerging markets. It is evolving to “managed services” in mature markets. All of this dispels the myth that the forthcoming accounting changes will adversely impact the product – this and much more will be covered in the seminar.
Amembal & Associates is the world’s foremost authority in lease training, consultancy and publications. Mr. Sudhir Amembal, its CEO, has been at the helm of the company since he co-founded it in 1978. With regards to training, over 75,000 leasing professionals have attended varied seminars/conferences held throughout the world; and, with regards to publications, the firm has authored and published 16 industry best-sellers.
In particular, having to do with operating leases, Mr. Amembal authored “A Complete Guide to Operating Leases”, the only publication of its kind. Mr. Amembal recently organized the first-ever conference solely dedicated to operating leases. This was held in November, 2012 – it was a sell-out! Based on feedback received, it was one of the best leasing conferences ever held. The conference was successfully repeated in November 2013.
The two day seminar is our most popular public seminar and is held only twice each year. Topics include:
• Why Operating Leases
• Unique Benefits to Lessees and Lessors
• Convincing Customers that Operating Leases are the Cheapest Mode of Acquisition
• Asset Life Cycle Management
• Off Balance Sheet Financing – Surviving the Forthcoming Changes
• Pricing Nuances Including Quantifying Tax Benefits
• Understanding and Managing Six Unique Risks
• Mitigating Residual Risk
• Varied Vendor Arrangements
• Related Products – Synthetic Leases, TRAC Leases and Leveraged Leases
• For those currently offering the product – your skills will definitely be fine-tuned!
• For those contemplating offering the product – you will learn how to!
• For those who have no desire to offer the product – you will learn what your competitors are doing!
For detailed brochure and registration form contact Kelly Farnham at

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