Bridge Loans and Hard Money Loans With Leaders in the Financial Industry

Bridge LoansApple Capital Group works in conjunction with a selection of investment firms to provide our clients with bridge loans and hard money loans.

Our finance program focuses on funding for commercial real estate businesses transactions, including raw land deals and development projects.

Through our bridge and hard money loan program, we can provide your business with capital for your real estate plans nationally and internationally. Our loan size ranges from $1 million to up to $100 million.

Our Partners Are Interested In Your Property Investments

Apple Capital Group is partnered with private investment firms that lead the industry in providing capital for commercial real estate transactions. We can introduce you to investors interested in finding a solution that is beneficial for their firms and your business goals. This program offers you variable interest rates from 9 percent to 14 percent, depending on your collateral.

Other important parameters of our bridge and hard money finance program are:

  • Origination fees that vary from 1 percent to 4 percent
  • Amortized loans that are interest only
  • Up to 80 percent loan-to-value ratios

Our program is designed to get you the capital you need quickly. Our investment partners and financial experts are able to make the closing times for loans in this program as fast as five days to one month.

Learn More About Bridge and Hard Money Loan Funding

Contact Apple Capital Group for more information on our investment partnerships and how they can help your commercial real estate business access funds. Call us today for a no-cost consultation.