Capital Markets Investment Group
from Our Asset Based Lending Company

What is Apple Capital Group Capital Investment Group?

Apple Capital Group Capital Markets Investment Group hold several partnerships with investment banks, private equity groups, and investors. We at Apple Capital Group can provide with many innovative private equity solutions to market through our the US and Canadian markets. We offer equity capital, venture bridge financing, leveraged buyouts, venture capital and private investment public equity to name a few. are Apple Capital Group understands the capital market and have management has over 25 years in the arena – we know how to get deal quickly and efficiently. We can provide you liquidity to early stage of public companies through going public – our team’s team can get you there. Call us to discuss your options. Capital Markets Investment Group

  • PIPE (Private Investment Public Equity): Traditional or structured, as stock or common or preferred. Structured PIPE’s, issued as convertible debt. Our model is designed for small to medium-sized public companies.
  • Growth Capital: Private equity investments in mature companies for expansion or restructuring of operations, new markets or financing significant acquisitions.
  • Leveraged Buyouts (LBO): Our Acquisitions of another company using our clients borrowed money (Assets or loans) to meet the cost of acquisition.
  • Distressed Investment: Restructures debt, implement plans to turn around distressed companies operations.
  • Bridge Loans: A bridge loan is interim/temporary financing for businesses until permanent or next stage financing can be secured.
  • Mezzanine Capital: Usually private placements, often used by smaller companies and involve higher risk/cost.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A): Corporate strategy, corporate finance, management and buying, selling and combining of different companies.
  • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM): Our legal document (prospectus) that institutions and businesses will use to describe the securities they are offering for participants and buyers.
  • Business Valuations: Our process and procedures used to estimate the economic value of a business or an owner’s interest in a business.
  • Investor Relations: We provide internal IR point person to provide program management, public relations campaigns, and creation of reports, management changes, and earnings statements. Point person is primary point of contact for investors.
  • Reverse Mergers: We analyze, clean and help purchase SEC registered public shell companies for private companies, negotiate the merger terms and merge it with private company. Because SEC filing process would be completed with the public company, the private company would forego expensive time-consuming review with state and federal regulators and new company receives substantial majority of the shares of public company and control of its board of directors.
  • IPO: Initial Public Offerings can be risky investment strategies. With efficient IR, we can help investors understand initial day of trading and beyond, by providing historical data to help analyze company. This will help investors understand companies going through transitory growth period, and help clarify uncertainty regarding their future value.