Our Contract Financing Program Gets Your Business Cash Without a Bank Loan

Contract FinancingApple Capital Group has years of experience offering contract financing solutions to businesses looking for alternatives to bank loans.

Through our extensive financing work, we have helped businesses in a wide variety of industries. Monetizing your contracts can get your company cash immediately, and we can use our expertise to find a structure that works for your business.

Our Industry Experience

Companies of all types have taken advantage of our contract finance program to access the value of their contracts. We work with businesses with contracts worth a minimum of $1 million and customers that are investment grade or close.

This process has helped a variety of technology firms, especially those developing new software, innovative products or new processes. We have also monetized contracts for businesses in:

  • Digital broadcasting, entertainment and communications
  • Water purification, recycling and waste management
  • Food processing and retail
  • Medical
  • Banking
  • Municipal and education

Our contract finance program can help your business access the total worth of your contracts without waiting for incremental payments or applying for a bank loan. We will work with you to monetize contracts you currently have, and we can even structure solutions for contracts you are presently negotiating. Ongoing service contracts do not qualify for this program.

Talk to a Specialist

A financial specialist at Apple Capital Group can provide you with in-depth information about monetizing your contracts. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation.