Binders in The Office: Learn The Basics

Binders in The Office: Learn The Basics. Binders in The Office: Learn The Basics. Binders are found in almost every office. There is a binder for every need and people understand the advantages binders offer over other organizing methods. Loose papers get lost, papers kept in folders get bent and unorganized, but papers in a binder are kept in great shape and in order. Binders also make for a professional appearance when presenting information to a client or business partner. Binders are an office staple that should not be ignored.

Binders come in various types and styles. The variations depend on a number of things. The way a binder in bound effects the look of the binder and determine what need it can fill. Understanding the basics of binders is the best way to ensure when choosing a binder style that the one is chosen that will work the best. The following list explains the different binding styles. Binders in The Office: Learn The Basics.

– Double Loop Wire Binding: These binders are comparable to a typical spiral notebook binding. This style, though, does not spiral, instead the wire is looped around and through the papers. They are stronger than the typical spiral binding.

– Plastic Comb Binding: These are the least expensive type of binding, but also the weakest. They are like the double loop binding. They can also be spiral.

-Stapled Binding: This type of binding is a simple use of staples. It is often used for thin documents where the pages are stapled in the center. Larger documents use side stapling to bind the pages. This is also cost efficient.

– Thermal tape: This is a clean binding. It uses sealed tape that secures the pages together. It is very durable and looks very professionally done.

– Perfect Binding: The use of glue to bind the pages creating a clean, professional look. This is a costly biding method, though.

– Rings: This is the binding most often associated with binders. It involves usually three rings that are secured to a metal binding. The rings open and close allow papers to be placed in the binder or taken out easily. There are many designs of ring styles that effect the way the pages turn and lay in the binder.

The binder styles above demonstrate the versatility of binders. They can be simple or more constructed. Ring binders are the easiest way to use a binder as they can be reused many times or easily added to or taken from. The other binding types, like perfect binding or thermal taping are great for a specific project presentation where the material is only used once and then filed. All binders provide a professional look that says the business is organized and cares about putting a good impression on their clients or associates. Binders in The Office: Learn The Basics.

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