Bye-Bye Solution Selling Webinar by Adam Metz


While Solution Selling was effective and popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s, in the rise of social media, the effectiveness of this method has waned. Customers who used to be open to answering dozens of questions in a meeting are no longer open to it. Customers are also approaching buyers far later in the sale cycle – when they’re 80% of the way to a deal, rather than 20%, like in the “old days.” In this webinar you’ll learn new methods of selling that are easier on the buyer and seller, and result in more closed deals, and happier customers.

Key Takeaways

In this webinar, Adam Metz and Michelle Zatlyn will share insights on what sales professionals can count on being the hottest topics, most sought after strategies and key tactics in 2014. Highlights will include the following:

  • What is Insight Selling?
  • Why are sales professionals abandoning Solution Selling?
  • Why do buyers dislike Solution Selling?
  • What alternatives do sellers have to Solution Selling?


Adam Metz, Vice President, Business Development, PandaDoc

Adam MetzMetz is a technology sales executive known for delivering above quota, by using social sales and demand generation solutions. Recently, Metz built the reseller sales channel at UberConference (Firespotter Labs) and he began his career at CDW Computer Centers. Previous sales and demand-generation consulting clients have included, San Francisco Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Infusionsoft, Hershey’s Chocolate, POMCO Insurance, Mighty Leaf Tea, Pirate’s Booty.

Metz is the author of The Social Customer (#1 Amazon internet marketing & advertising best-seller, 2011) & There Is No Secret Sauce, as well as 8 sales and marketing eBooks.

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Michelle Zatlyn, CEO & Co-Founder, Cloudflare

Michelle ZatlynMichelle creates products people love. Growing up in Canada,she earned a degree in Chemistry and now applies the scientific method to improving businesses. Prior to CloudFlare, she worked at Google and Toshiba, launched two successful startups and got her MBA from Harvard Business School. Outside of the office,you can find Michelle on the yoga mat or doing the Sunday New York Times crossword.

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Check here to watch the webinar:

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