Chris Widener’s Action Point

Chris Widener’s Action Point “Your past does not equal your future.” Anthony Robbins Chris Widener’s Action Point: One of the hardest things to overcome in our pursuit of  attaining a better life is
that we have it naturally ingrained in us
to believe that our future will simply be
a continuation of our past. This makes our
lives almost self-fulfilling prophecies in
both the good and the bad. If we have had
past failure, we tend to expect future
failure. Chris Widener’s Action Point

If we have past success, it
breeds an outlook that looks for success.
The key here is that when you have
experienced failure you must break the
cycle that comes naturally. Just because
your past was a certain way does not mean
it has to be the same in the future! Chris Widener’s Action Point

If we
don’t purposefully break that thought
pattern it most likely will be, though.
Understand this: Your future can be as
bright as you desire it to be! You can
become more successful! You can have
better relationships! You can break the
cycle of failure! Chris Widener’s Action Point

Your future does not
have to become a continuation of your
past! Action Point: Sit down and think of
your past in general. Is it one of
failure? Then choose to break that
pattern. Begin to read good books and
listen to materials that will help you
break that pattern. Begin to associate
with people who will lift you up to higher
ground. Take control of your life so that
your future becomes what you want it to
be, not what your past has been! Begin to
look at each new day as an opportunity to
succeed! Chris Widener’s Action Point

Chris Widener’s Action Point: I find it fascinating how many people will say that they don’t want to try something because they might fail. The reality is if they don’t try they will most certainly fail! You can’t win if you aren’t in the game, right? Some players won’t take the game-winning shot because they are afraid they will miss. Instead somebody else takes the shot, makes it, and goes home the hero. Sure you may fail if you put yourself into the action, but you might win too! In fact, it is your only chance to win! Chris Widener’s Action Poin

Action Point: How can we apply this? You can’t get that raise or promotion if you don’t ask for it. You can’t lose that weight if you don’t buy those running shoes. You can’t increase your investments significantly unless you put them at risk in an investment vehicle. That person you would like to date can’t say, “yes” unless you ask. You can’t learn to play that instrument unless you pick it up and play. Get the point? Good! Now take the shot –

Chris Widener’s Action Point: This one is simple – and going to be fun! When was the last time you went outside and watched the sunset? Well, that is the action point for today! Go watch the sunset tonight! Or, another thing that always causes me to dream is to sit and watch the stars. I think what causes those things to foster our dreams is that they are so BIG. They represent something so grand, so incredibly awesome that they stir our hearts to dream.

Action Point: Go ahead, give it a try tonight. And if you can, take somebody you love with you and dream together! Chris Widener’s Action Poin

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