A Proven Way to Grow Your Business
In 2003, nearly 20,000 small businesses across America received their FIRST government contract. Government contracts are solid, secure, and almost as good as money in the bank because the government is required by law to pay invoices within 30 days. Uncle Sam may be the ultimate customer for your business.

An Urgent Need for Your Services
The U.S. government is also required by law to award the lion’s share of its business to outside vendors of all types. Thus, the government needs companies both large and small to apply for its contracts. And the potential is huge. More than $327 billion in contracts will be available nationally this year alone. Of this total, nearly $70 billion in contracts will be reserved exclusively for small businesses.

B2G Boot Camp – Your Source to Make it Happen

The B2G Boot Camp is an independent training organization formed to help private and public businesses across America master the government contract bidding process.

  • Grow your business
  • Increase your revenue
  • Expand your potential


B2G Institute Instructors
B2G Institute instructors are experienced in all facets of the government contracting process. From the nuts and bolts approach to completing a GSA Schedule contract to the person-to-person marketing skills needed to bid a Request for Proposal, these instructors have successfully composed and won virtually every type of government contract.

Together, these experienced and talented individuals can help you not only see the wide world of opportunity in government contracting but also plot your course to successfully adding Uncle Sam to your client list.


For Business Owners and Managers
How to Win U.S. Government Contracts
for Your Business

The fundamentals of securing government contracts, including:

  • Where to find contracts
  • When to apply
  • How to submit bids



How to Win U.S. Government Contracts for Your Business
$375 value per person — FREE

Discover how to…

  • Bid for contracts in three basic steps
  • Skyrocket your chances for success by bidding on contracts that have few or no other companies bidding
  • Know if your company qualifies for special contracts and preferences
  • Position for a steady stream of jobs that require no formal contracts
  • Locate and network with key government contacts
  • Get the government to initiate a new contract matching your unique services, even if no contract currently exists

Plus find out…

  • Why Uncle Sam sets aside contracts exclusively for small businesses
  • Why contracts don’t necessarily go to the lowest bidder
  • Where government contracts originate
  • Where to find contracts you can bid on orally and skip the piles of paperwork
  • What the government looks for in vendors
  • When the single best time is to place your bid
  • How one contract can be used by a federal agency, saving you hours of paperwork
  • The truth behind the top 5 myths that have stopped business owners from applying for government contracts

And much more


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