Creating a Web Based Business The Works Part 1Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 7

Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 7. You are most likely coming here as a follow up to my Part 4 of 5 articles on creating an online business. I hope you found part (1) one through part (4) informative and helpful.

Today I am going to cover marketing your website. You can have the best website in the world, but if you have no visitor then you make no money. Here are a few ways that you can get people to your site. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 7


* Fliers
* Business Cards
* Bulletin Boards
* Online Forums
* Online FREE Classifieds

Paid Advertising:

* (PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising
* Ads in News papers
* Radio / T.V. ads
* Paid ads on web site that maintain a high level of traffic
* Paid ads on search engines
Okay, now that I have shown you a few ways to advertise lets get you in the right mind set. You need to imagine the conversation that is going on in your potential customers head when they are coming to your site from any of the above techniques. I am going to assume you are building a work at home directory site such as mine, but you can apply these techniques to any type of online business. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 7

If for example they are looking for a Home Based Business then you will want to take them to your landing page for Home Based Businesses. You will have the directory for all of your sites at the top and sides sprinkled with other Work At Home, Online Paid Surveys, Rebate Processing and others, but 85% of your page should be Home Based Business Opportunities. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 7

It is important to have your best converting Home Based Businesses in the hot spots on your site. If you are going to have a newsletter, which is a great way to keep in touch with your customers, you should have that in a hot spot location. You want to take them directly to the specific things they are searching for. The more they have to search around the less likely you are to converting them into a customer. Even worse the less likely they will book mark you site for later usage. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 7

Let’s assume you are using (PPC) Paid Per Click advertising. This is where you will pay a search engine, for example, 18 cents to display your ad to anyone who types in the phrase “work at home”. It’s very important to make the key word match the landing page. The next step is to ensure you the text on your web page ads reflect the product and / or service that they are going to be looking at. It makes no sense to send someone who is looking for paid surveys to a program that has absolutely nothing to do with paid surveys. Sure you will maybe get one customer out of 500, but that will more than likely cost you more than you will make. If a visitor likes your site he will look around on his own, but it builds confidence in your site if he is taken to what he expects to see. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 7

There is so much to cover I am going to begin an advanced series, which I think will help clarify and fine-tune your site even further. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 7

See you in the advances series!

Please feel free to read both this article or one of my many others by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me. Creating a Web Based Business The Works: Part 7



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