Employment for Small Businesses

Dallas SCORE, in conjunction with the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce is offering to it’s members and the general public an opportunity to learn about employment practices and how the small businesses must comply with Federal, State and local laws. A series of 3 workshops will be offered to take you from understanding the basic laws you need to comply with when hiring someone, through the basic policies and procedures you need to implement to make sure you have a satisfactory work environment and finally we’ll take you through the need processes you need to follow when an employee leaves your employment or you separate them from the job.Nov 11th 8:30am until 10:30am

Dec 9th 8:30am until 10:30am

Jan 13th 8:30am until 10:30


Hosted by: Lewisville Chamber of Commerce

Workshop #1: Nov 11th 8:30am


Making Sense of the Alphabet Soup of Labor & Employment Laws:  What Do I Need To Know As a Small Business

Description:  New and growing small businesses often need help identifying and understanding the specific Federal / State labor laws and regulations that apply to them. The penalties, fines and legal expenses for non-compliance can directly affect profits. The objective of this presentation is to identify and understand which labor laws and regulations apply to your small business.

Workshop #2: Dec 9th 8:30am


Hiring & Basic Policy Considerations:  What Small Businesses Need to Know


Adding staff is a necessary part of any businesses growth and expansion.

Job descriptions, job classification, postings, recruitment, interview questions, checking references, and making hiring decisions / job offers all need to be done in a manner that decreases risk to the business. The objective of this presentation is to understand the labor laws that apply, as well as policy and practices that can help you avoid liability in the hiring process.

Workshop #3: Jan 13th 8:30am


Post-Employment & Separation / Termination:  Essential Workplace Policies for Small Business

Description:  You have added staff due to growth and expansion. Now, what do you need to know about post-employment and separation/termination?  The objective of this presentation is to understand the labor laws that apply, and essential policies that can help you avoid liability post-employment and separation / termination.



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