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Increase your sales by offering a monthly payment option!

We have an outstanding vendor financing program for your clients, quick and easy financing. More than ever before, equipment manufacturers and dealers are faced with intense competitive and economic pressures. Dealers are looking to get their product to market quickly and at lower costs while maintaining the high level of quality that their clients have come to expect. Dealers also need to be able to offer their clients flexible, innovative and competitive payment options in order to allow a wide range of companies the ability to acquire the more expensive technology they need to grow and prosper.

Research shows that 8 out of 10 U.S. companies choose to lease some or all of their equipment. This year alone, more than $208 billion in equipment will be leased in the United States. Offering equipment leasing to your customers is truly a smart choice!

Apple Capital’s flexible and competitive leasing programs provide our vendors’ clients with the options they need. In addition, the superior customer service of our equipment leasing team gives our vendor partners the assurance that their clients are in good hands and will receive quality and responsive service.

Apple Capital Group has set itself apart from the competition. Once you’ve established a relationship with us, we’re going to be with you every step of the way. We are committed to being a , provider of equipment leasing solutions that help our business clients and partners grow and prosper.

We at Apple Capital Group partner with you to help you GROW your business!

Imagine how your sales will grow when you can overcome budget and cost objections by demonstrating equipment costs in low monthly payments — with 100% equipment financing!

You become a provider who is able to offer your business customers fast and easy equipment financing. Your customers will prefer the option to make low monthly payments as opposed to one large upfront payment, which will allow you to close more business, faster, with more profit.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our affiliates choose Apple Capital as their dealer partner:

  • Our smooth and efficient processes will impress your clients and make your life easier
  • Our broad range of capital solutions will vastly expand your market potential
  • Our extensive training and resources will be available to you
  • We offer an aggressive compensation program designed for partnership

Our equipment dealer program extends nationwide. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Apple Capital Group dealer, please contact us for more information.

100% Business Credit Approvals for Vendor Financing for High Risk Credits

When banks and other leasing companies decline your customers credit, we at Apple Capital Group has an excellent lease program designed to get your customer approve every time. We have been offering this program to equipment dealers sin 2009. The program does require a low level of shared rick, it does require the dealer to share in some of the risk with the leasing company for this offer to work.

Outline of the Vendor Financing Program!

The Customer will be required to invest a larger down payment to qualify – usually 20% or more.

1) Apple Capital Group Vendor Financing Program will also invest cash in the lease and pay the you the dealers, a negotiated amount of money upfront, but less than 100% of your invoice. You will be asked to tell us a dollar amount you will consider receiving, up front, to complete the transaction. If Apple Capital Group and the you (the dealer) agree to the dollars paid out, the customer lease will be approved and funded!

2) The dealer’s balance will be paid monthly + 8% interest as Apple Capital Group successfully bills and collects the customer lease payments.

3) The typical lease terms ranges from 12 to 36 months. The dealer’s invoice will be paid in full during the life of the lease agreement, as payment are collected by Apple Capital Group.

To register to become a dealer, please visit our dealer registration page.

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