Who is Apple Capital Group?

from our Equipment Lending and Equipment Financing Company

Who Is Apple Capital Group?

What a great question, I’m glad you asked! Perhaps the simplest way to understand who we are is by understanding the following key aspects of our business:

1) How Apple Capital Group came into existence?

2) What are our sources of funds?

What is the company history of Apple Capital Group?

Apple Capital Group was formed out of a relationship with a private equity firm in Chicago, IL. As its own legal entity, Apple Capital Group is a young company, only being in existence for almost 10 years. Our owners, who have been in commercial finance for more than 55 years and who worked directly with the group in Chicago, started Apple Capital Group as a vehicle to deliver this portfolio of financial products to the business public at a time when it was most needed (like now).

Our relationship with the group in  Chicago continues and is strong. In fact, a large portion of our product line is still underwritten in Chicago, and we enjoy a very close working relationship with them to this day. I don’t know if you’ve ever done business with anyone in Chicago before, but they can tend to be very “old school” in their approach to business – in fact, it would probably just suffice to say that ‘people in Chicago like to do business with people in Chicago? if you know what we mean.’ The owners of Apple Capital Group, sensing the time was right and with a great vision to grow, decided to launch Apple Capital Group and deliver these business finance solutions nationwide. Today, we have more than nearly 30 account executives nationwide with regional office locations in Jacksonville, FL; Houston, TX; Dallas-Forth Worth TX; and Denver, CO; with plans to continue growing through 2020.”

What are Apple Capital sources of funding?

“Apple Capital Group funds its transactions from 3 primary sources:

1) Internal – direct and via our lines in Chicago we have the ability to fund transactions on our own.

2) Strategic Partnership Funding – Via relationships with the leading lending and banking firms in specific product sectors we have established relationships that allow us to access virtually any type of funding available in the market.

3) Private investment funds – And this third type of funding is the most difficult to put on a matrix or write guidelines for – essentially Apple Capital Group represents individual investment groups and individual investors around the country. These investors rely on Apple Capital Group to place investment opportunities for them.

Because of this diversity in funding sources, we believe Apple Capital Group is uniquely equipped to meet the capital needs of the commercial marketplace. And frankly, our timing couldn’t be better. As traditional banks face a liquidity crisis and are increasingly unable to meet the financing needs of their business clients the opportunities for Apple Capital Group continue to multiply. #applecapitalgroup