Why Choose Apple Capital Group?

from our Equipment Lending and Equipment Financing Company

As a business owner, you make many decisions each day that affect the profitability of your business. At some point, one of those decisions will inevitably be regarding the sore of your additional working capital or equipment financing. With many options at your disposal, why choose Apple Capital Group, Inc.?

At Apple Capital Group, we believe we know at least two things better than our competition. The first is our business. And the second is that the success of our business depends on mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. We believe this concern stone is often talked about, but rarely does a company follow through the way we do. How do we do it?

Why Choose Apple Capital Group? Lender vs. Partner

Our desire is not to be merely a lender you but to truly partner with you and help you grow your business. Our account executives take the time to learn and understand your business so they can customize a solution specially for your business needs.

Amazing Customer Service

and knowledgeable in all areas of business finance, our account executive work to make sure they understand your need, provide a solution for you and follow up to ensure that you are achieving success. In addition, accessibility yo your account executive is never a concern!


As a nationwide company, our products and rates are second to non. Experience and volume allow us to meet or beat any competitor price. In most case, our products offering go far beyond what the competition offers.

Unbelievable Speed & Flexibility

With experienced staff and underwriting, we have the ability to be extremely flexible with the approval process. Unlike banks and most commercial finance companies, we make our own decisions in the process – giving us flexibility our competition does not have. In addition, most approvals are issued within a couple of hours and funding only a few days after approval. You won’t be stuck in a long, process waiting for the very thing you came to us for in the first place – money.


Many of our products lines offer approval without the need for financial or tax returns. This opens up working capital opportunities to those who cannot qualify with other lending sources.[/fusion_text][/two_third][/fullwidth]