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Two scenes of beauty and happiness, side by side on the television. Flip: a preview of the latest hot model of cards for 2006. Flip: the most recent addition to the fully high-tech camera phones. Flip: an ad of the latest hot perfume for men. Flip: a new commercial of one of the flourishing fast food chain in the country. Flip: a preview of what will happen next week on the longest running soap opera.

A few hours of television each day and a few flips of the remote can get you to see hundreds of commercial and advertisements. The television has been an effective tool for modern day advertising. But not all business owners can afford the cost of television advertising so they stick to the conventional method of paper and ink marketing.

Catalogs are one way of getting your products recognized in the market. Most customers would ask for a catalog before purchasing so if you have one in hand you can easily address your customers needs. When mailing your catalogs it is important that you comprehend everything you can about your customers and prospects. You must obtain their demographic, psychographic and statistical data and use that information to better address your marketing efforts to develop the business. Likewise, as many people are mobile these days it is important to keep an updated list of contact information to make sure that they receive your catalog. You need also to make certain that every prospect effort and every customer contact is better than the last.

Front covers also play an important role in the success of a catalog. They serve as the gateway into your catalog, hence, it is essential that the cover must encourage prospects to open the door and step through the amazing world inside. If you want to use paintings in your front cover ask yourself first, do the paintings showcase your products? Does it tell the reader what you sell without having to open the catalog? Is your brand name easily recognized? If your answer is yes, then a painting on the front cover can be a good idea. Keep in mind though that even if some people loved your painting cover, others would not be motivated by the artwork to turn the cover and buy. Also, remember that the unconscious mind is not necessarily rational but it is pretty influential. So avoid catalog designs that would make your audience unconsciously think that the product is not right for them.

So even if high-tech advertising is flourishing, the conventional marketing method is still one of the most reliable and profitable manner of promoting a business. Thus, the marketing ability of catalogs should never be underestimated.

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