Federal Grants And Its Role In Health Care

According to USAspending.gov, a website that promotes transparency, stated that in 2008, the United States government spent $106.464 billion dollars for federal grants. Last 2004, the government spent $15.5 billion, and from this amount education has the largest share of 23.4 percent, while health share followed suit with 22.3 percent.

Everybody seems to award health grants, the federal government, state and even city governments award health grants. Aside from federal grants, there are also big private foundations and organizations that award health grants and health care aids.

Unfortunately, weakened by the economic crisis, more Americans are unable to hold on to their health insurances and continue with private health care. There are more people turning to health centers for care. Health care grants can be provided to health centers to provide care and services to those who are continually suffering due to economic crisis.

Aside from health centers, health grants also enable some hospitals and medical professionals to:

• Expand people’s knowledge on certain diseases and its prevention, like HIV/AIDS or diabetes.

• Provide screening and tests to those who cannot afford to obtain necessary medical tests.

• Provide health care to marginalized and minorities.

• Provide health care education and services to culturally diverse populations.

• Build or improve health care facilities.

• Provide assistance health care staff and organizations.

Federal grants also provide support to health education. There are health education projects throughout the United States with the objectives of teaching students about good health and healthy lifestyle. Not only will these project equip the students with the knowledge, but also aims to teach and train school administrators, teachers, and school staff about health, fitness, disease and drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

Health education grants are not only course and seminar oriented, there are also grant programs which focuses on the financial need of the students. Here are some of the health grants that provides assistance to health course students.

• Advanced Education Nursing Traineeships – this grant is geared towards providing financial assistance to registered nurses who are undergoing advanced training or education programs.

• Health Administration Traineeships and Special Projects Program – this grant is to support students in graduate health programs like health administration or hospital administration. This programs helps the students to be prepared for employment with public or non-profit institutions.

Health grants would also include funding research and training programs. Here are two health grants that focuses on research and health improvement:

• National Research Service Awards- health Services Research Training – this is a project which focuses mainly on health services research. This grant is actually awarded to provide opportunities for those who are taking predoctoral and postdoctoral training. The objective of this grant is to provide trainees with the ability to understand research methods and analyze/evaluate health care services and provide means to improve it.

• Research on Healthcare Costs, Quality and Outcomes – this is also a project grant which concentrates on research, information dissemination and actual delivery based on the research. This aims to evaluate the effectives, quality, cost-effectiveness, health care technology used, health statistics and medical liability. Research is directed towards low-income groups and minority groups with the intention of better providing health care services for these groups.

There are many federal health grants that could be taken advantage of, the important thing is that people can take advantage of health care that they need or at least be knowledgeable about taking care of one’s health.

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