Good IT Marketing Elevator Speeches
IT marketing requires you to give “elevator speeches,” or short little descriptions of your business. In this article, you’ll learn how to get the maximum effectiveness from your elevator speech.

If you go to a chamber of commerce luncheon, you might find yourself (and everyone else) having to give their 30 second commercial. If there happen to be two or three other computer service companies there at that same event, you want to make sure that your elevator speech resonates to make this aspect of IT marketing effective.

IT Marketing: Focus on Benefits, Not Features

The key thing with an elevator pitch is that you want to focus on the benefits that you can provide for a particular business. For example, here’s mine, “Hi, this is Joshua Feinberg from Computer Consulting 101. We help small business computer consultants sell more services, build their business and run more profitable companies.”

If you pitching to a small business you might say, “My Company helps small businesses in the local area use technology more effectively.”  Or, “My Company helps small businesses in the area solve computer problems” or “My Company helps small businesses use technology to grow their businesses” or “use technology to drive down costs” or “use technology to squeeze more productivity.”

IT Marketing: Make Sure Your Elevator Speech is Sincere

It’s important to come across as sincere. It’s important to come across as someone that can help them and has a genuine interest in hearing more about them. The general rule of thumb with networking is to try to let the person that you’re talking to do most of the talking. Use active listening and find the opportunity for you to help them out.

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