Actively Involved in the Business Community

Apple Capital Group, Inc., is actively involved in the community we serve and with its clearly stated commitment to is a proud member and supporter of some of the most respected equipment financing, franchise financing and small business organizations. This allows us to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the various industries we serve. Additionally, our affiliation with these organizations allows us to network with other business professionals and support the well-being of dynamic business communities throughout the United States. We are members of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers, National Equipment Finance Association, Better Business Bureau, Chambers of Commerce, Houston Minority Business Development Council, Texas Historical Urban Development Business, National Association of Convenience Stores and Retail Solutions Providers Association.

As part of the direct contributions, Apple Capital, with its clearly stated commitment to “working for the benefit of society,” has been actively involved in promoting the employment of people with disabilities. Apple Capital believes that building a society in which people with disabilities can assume active roles is one of the social contributions suitable to its distinctive characteristics. Therefore, the direct contributions include donations to Goodwill Industries, an organization dedicated to creating work opportunities for people with disabilities, and various organizations, as well as co-sponsorship for sporting events for disabled people, such as a wheelchair marathon and a wheelchair Ekiden long-distance relay race.

Apple Capital indirect contributions are made by informing employees of volunteer activities and introduces various volunteer opportunities via intranets and individual office bulletin boards to encourage employees’ active participation in volunteer activities. Volunteer opportunities include donations to the Plan Japan (an organization supporting children and youth in developing nations) and exchanging letters with them. There are also opportunities to volunteer in the knitting charity project, which presents knit sweaters and other knit items to children in need around the world. OMRON also aims to boost synergies between the direct and indirect contributions, for example by encouraging employees to participate as volunteers in Japan Sun Industries’ summer festival and sporting events for disabled persons.