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Lease your agricultural (farm) equipment – Leasing is an excellent choice for most farmers because, as farmers are aware, leasing offers many advantages over other types of agricultural financing.

The agriculture sector relies heavily on leases for land and equipment to meet the needs of farmers. With absentee ownership of farmland growing in the United States, farmers and ranchers lease many of the acres they farm and graze today. Either private parties or governmental entities may enter into a leasing arrangement so the complexity and scope of these contracts can vary substantially. Leases are not merely instruments allowing farmers and ranchers to gain use of certain assets. Leases may be granted to take advantage of the land’s usefulness for certain activities. Landowners may grant a lease to an oil and gas company for the development of minerals under their property. Wind companies may seek leases for the development of wind energy on the land. In addition, a farmer or rancher may lease portions of their land for hunting or other recreational uses. For a discussion related to leased hunting and recreational uses of land

Here is a Sample list of some Agricultural Equipment you can lease:

Air seeder
Bale mover
Bean Harvester
Broadcast seeder
Beet Harvester

Broadcast spreader
Center-pivot irrigation
Chisel Plow
Combine harvester
Conveyor belt
Corn harvester
Cotton picker
Dairy Machinery
Fanning mill
Feed grinder
Fertilizer & Pest Control
Fertilizer spreader

Food Processing
Forage harvester
Front end loader
Grain auger
Grain cart
Harrow (Spike, Drag, Disk)
Hay Baler
Hay rake
Hay tedder
Livestock Equipment
Manure spreader
Planting & Soil Cultivation
Plastic mulch
Potato digger
Potato harvester
Potato Planter
Power tiller
Precision drill
Rock picker
Rotary tiller
Seed drill

Skid-steer loader
Spading Machine
Stone picker
Walking tractor