Asset Based Lending – Fransno, CA

For most small and medium-size business owners, the very idea of applying for a business loan can produce headaches. Thanks to the rigid underwriting model of most big banks and traditional lending institutions, the process of acquiring small business loans has become needlessly lengthy and complex, and in many cases leads only to an unfair rejection. In this harsh environment of loan applicants, it should come as no surprise that demand for traditional financing has gone down.

We at Apple Capital Group Loans have recognized the challenges that small and medium-size businesses are faced with when it comes to financing, and in response we’ve created a program for business loans that is simple, quick and easy, from application to approval.

How did we succeed where so many other lenders have failed? In short, we’ve created a drastically different underwriting model than that of traditional lenders. While banks put all the weight on personal credit, value of collateral, debt to income ratio and overall profitability of a business, we put most of the weight on a business’s efficiency and potential.

The entire loan process – or loan experience as we like to call it – is usually between 2-5 business days. We understand that most small and medium size business owners are extremely busy, and when applying for a business loan, their needs are immediate and integral to the success of their business.

Receiving a business loan should never lead to increased anxiety, but should leave every business owner feeling liberated by the opportunity to achieve their goals with a fair, manageable, and custom-made loan.

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