from our Asset Based Lending Company in Kansas City
Asset Based Lending – Kansas City

Apple Capital Group is an asset based lender for investment and commercial hard money loans. It provides direct funding and structures loans in the Greater Kansas City area for investment and commercial properties. Apple Capital Groupalso structures funding for commercial properties nationwide.
Apple Capital Group is owned and operated in Kansas City with the managing member having over 12 years of local investment and lending experience.

What types of properties are considered for loaning purposes? Apple Capital Group will consider single family homes, duplexes, fourplexes, apartment buildings, and most types of commercial properties for loans. Loan programs include Short Term & Wholesale Loans, Rehab & Rent Loans, Rehab & Flip Loans, Commerical Loans, and other unique scenarios.

While the name itself might be misleading, Apple Capital Group structures commercial loans for borrowers NATIONWIDE (NORTH AMERICA). It is a direct lender and may broker larger loan requests to its direct lending partner. Kansas City Investor Funding LLC is able to offer loans to Canadian investors.

Apple Capital Group is an asset based lender. Borrower credit and or financials may be reviewed but are usually not a determining factor.

Some of the features of our Commercial Loan Program include:

– Term negotiable based upon the individual loan circumstances (Generally 12-60 months)

– Points negotiable depending upon the loan amount requested (Generally 2-4 points)

– 12% -14% interest rate (Annual)

– Interest only monthly payments with no pre-payment penalties

– Loans up to 65% LTV of appraised value (Borrower down payment, equity position, or cross collateralization may all be acceptable for LTV parameters)

– No loan limits (High or low)

– Acquisition, construction / rehab, cash-out refinance, short term, debt consolidation, and bridge funding loans available

– Most property types considered (No raw land, no residential owner occupied properties)

– First Lien Mortgage / Position

– Brokers protected

All loans provided by or through Apple Capital Group are structured as commercial loans as the loans are being made for investment or business purposes. No residential owner occupant loans are ever provided or considered for any reason.

For more information or answers to the most commonly asked questions please visit or call us at 866-611-7457 FREE