from our Asset Based Lending Company in Long Beach, CA
Asset Based Lending – Long Beach, CA

Asset Based Lending – Long Beach, CA

In today’s market, the term small business loans has become synonymous with a lengthy drawn out process, requiring complex documentation that will probably not receive approval. It almost seems as if banks are looking for ways to say no, and it’s no surprise why the demand for traditional financing has gone down. Simply put – it’s a headache.

We at Apple Capital Group have recognized the challenges that small and medium size businesses are faced with when it comes to financing, and we have created a program for business loans that is simple, quick and easy to get approved.

How did we do this, you might ask? We achieved this by creating a drastically different underwriting model than that of traditional lenders. While banks put all the weight on personal credit, value of collateral, debt to income ratio and overall profitability of a business … we put most of the weight on a business’s efficiency and its potential.

The entire funding process, or funding experience, as we like to call it, in most instances is between 2-5 business days. We understand that most small and medium business owners are extremely busy and already have many daily duties. Receiving business loans should not be an additional chore, and we’ll make sure it isn’t by making the process as easy as possible..

Whether you need to finance growth, cover timing gaps in revenue collection, or simplify your vendor payments, Apple Capital Group’s customized credit options help you meet the challenges of running your business.

We offer flexible interest rates, easy repayment terms and maximum credit availability. You know your business – and we know business credit. We’ll help you choose the right credit product from a wide range of options to best match your particular business situation.

Use the table below to help you decide which borrowing option is best for your business plans.

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