from our Asset Based Lending Company in Louisville, KT
Asset Based Lending – Louisville, KT

Asset Based Lending – Louisville, KT

Apple Capital Group was created to serve the unmet financial needs of small and medium size businesses. Our principals come from a small business background and understand the challenges and hence we wanted to create a flexible and simple business loan program.

We believe that traditional business loans are extremely hard to get approved with, have a very lengthy process, have limited options & only favor big business. We set out to create the antithesis of the traditional business loan – and we did; a simple business loan with a high approval rate that favors you, small and medium size businesses.

Furthermore, we changed the loan process to the loan experience by assigning dedicated account executives, underwriters and funding coordinators that will be there for you along the way and provide you with an exceptional level of support.

Every business needs capital, and small business loans fill that need. There are two common types of business loans: short-term and long-term. Short-term loans include lines of credit and accounts-receivable. Long-term loans can take as much as seven years to mature, and they are generally used for major business expenses such as the acquisition of facilities and vehicles. Business loans can be secured or unsecured and they can have fixed or variable terms.

Business loans are important for businesses if the owner is looking to start the business, expand the business, improve the business, and, perhaps, to pay down debts to other entities. The availability of a business loan and access to financial resources may mean the difference between a business that succeeds and a business that fails. Allow us to provide you with a way to find you loan suppliers that can help your company build a great credit score. The higher credit score your business has, the lower the loan rate your company will receive in the future.