Aviation Leasing and Financing

We at Appple Capital Group have completed in excess of $1 billion of commercial aircraft, engine, and rotables transactions.

Our typical transaction involves $10 million of equity or less, and the underlying equipment is usually aircraft, engines or rotable spares subject to leases with a remaining term of no more than seven years. Recent transactions involve international as well as domestic lessees and sale/leaseback counterparts.

Unlike many lessors we have great flexibility as to structure, having completed straightforward acquisitions as well as forward purchases, residual options, and unsecured positions. Our flexibility allows us to look at all types of equipment, and although our main focus is on equipment that is less than 20 years old at lease expiry, we can consider older equipment and part-out or reconfiguration opportunities. We have experience reconfiguring aircraft interiors to suit new lessees needs and freighter conversions.

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