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Webinar: “Building Your Business Credit”
8:00am EST
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John Dixon, Vice President of Business Development
Business vs Personal Credit
Why Separate Your Personal Credit From Your Business Credit?
When officers and owners use their personal credit profiles to obtain credit for a business, they risk the chance of lowering their own personal credit scores in the process. There are two reasons you should strive to avoid using your personal guarantee on business credit instead of establishing corporate credit. First, to avoid personal liability. If the business cannot make the payments, each individual signer is personally liable for the debt. Second, because credit obtained for a business can affect your personal credit score. This is because your personal credit score is based on several factors, including available credit, the amount of available credit used, late payments, and much more. We can show you how to incorporate a business without impacting your personal credit.

Following Lines of Credit for Your Business

Major Hardware Store Line of Credit • Business Gasoline Card • Electronics Store Credit Card • Printing Company Line of Credit • Automobile Lease • Computer Equipment Line of Credit • Major Department Store Credit Card • Business Equipment Lease • Platinum Credit Cards

All Without a Personal Guarantee or the Need for Personal Credit Checks!

Building corporate credit is a process that should be established over time. The older the business, the more options the business will have to build credit and obtain loans and leases without the use of personal guarantees. It is not easy to do this, but it can be done – and we can help you. The first step to a great corporate credit rating is to start building the business credit today.

Building your business credit can shorten the average time it takes to build corporate credit from 3 to 4 years you can do in 6 months!

Building your business credit can separate your credit from your business’ credit – even if you have a startup company or you’re looking to incorporate online.

What Is Business Credit and How Does It Work?

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is the leading “business credit” reporting agency in the U.S. When lenders and suppliers consider your application for a loan, lease or credit terms, they will usually look at your D&B Report…and the first thing they will look at on this report is your Paydex score. The Paydex score is a numerical measure of your business’ creditworthiness that is calculated based on your trade references’ reports to D&B of how your company has paid its bills over the past year. A high score on Paydex’ 1 to 100 scale indicates that your company pays its bills on time. To obtain approval for financing you generally need a Paydex score of 75 or greater.

Ideally, your business should have at least 5 trade references (i.e. vendors that extend credit to your business) that have given you a credit account and reported a favorable credit history to D&B. Building your business credit can help you get these trade references in order to build up your favorable credit history.