Business Lines of Credit solutions at Apple Capital Group. We at Apple Capital Group will use accounts receivable, inventory, finished goods and production equipment to issue you a line of credit that allows you to manage your own money flow and take draws and advances whenever you need them. Having a business line of credit is good for those money managers that want to have access to cash right when they need it without paying for the cash when it isn’t needed. With our business line of credit solution, you only pay on the amount you have drawn at any given time. We approve these lines ranging from $50K to $20 million within 24 hours in most cases, and your first draw can be taken within 5-7 days.

Another benefit of the Apple Capital Group Business Line of Credit is that we do not require financials or tax returns for approval. This allows businesses that are struggling financially to gain access to the cash they need to stabilize and begin growing. Unlike traditional banking products, Apple Capital Group understands the business environment of these small to medium size businesses, and we have designed programs to fit those needs. Call us to speak to one of our loan officers to discuss our Business Lines of Credit solutions at 866.611.7457 FREE Ext. 1