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Construction Equipment Leasing and Financing with Apple Capital Group

Once you’ve chosen to lease your equipment, it won’t be long until you realize you’ve made the right decision. Choosing construction equipment leasing over buying offers financial maneuverability and allows you to manage your money stress and pain free without the worry of ownership. Apple Capital Group, Inc., is the company of choice for clients that need quick processing times, efficient payment structures and flexible equipment leasing options suited to your needs. Let Apple Capital Group maximize your profit with equipment financing, and give you the extra push you need to thrive. Professionals are waiting with simple terms and the expertise to help today.

Seasonal leases for construction equipment are also a viable option for many businesses. You may not need to have a bulldozer or backhoe on hand in the wintertime, and you should not be responsible for the storage and upkeep for it when it is not being used. With seasonal leases, you will know exactly how much to budget and if the next season comes around and you find you need something more powerful. Or, if you find the equipment you’ve been renting no longer suits your needs, you can upgrade or move to a different piece of equipment. We can help you to secure equipment, such as bulldozers, cranes, jackhammers, lighting, survey equipment, cement trucks, scaffolding, backhoes and much more.

Apple Capital Group, Inc., has a large list of previous clients that have been helped by our expertise and asset based lending. From small leases to get you through lean times to equipment financing that helps you secure the tools to finish that big contract you’ve just secured, Apple Capital Group, inc., has the capitol to secure your financial freedom.
Construction Equipment Types
We can lease or finance various types of heavy and construction equipment. These items have included products as diverse as:

Cement Trucks
Surveying Equipment
Trucks and Tractors

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