Dry Cleaning Equipment

The typical commercial neighborhood dry cleaner handles well over twenty tons of clothes each year. Dry cleaning equipment  processes in excess of 600 tons of clothes per year. The industry as a whole is undergoing a changeover to more environment friendly equipment and non-toxic solvents. Adding to the challenge is the fact that margins are low and profitability consequently difficult to maintain.

In spite of the challenges, the average failure rate for a dry cleaning facility is less than 10%. Staying in business requires procuring your equipment at the lowest possible cost. Apple Capital understands how to fund your business to make sure you have the most streamlined financing available. Leasing Dry Cleaning Equipment is Your Best Choice
From financing new dryers to Point of Sale Equipment, Apple Capital will make sure all of your equipment needs are pressed, ironed and looking good.Apple Capital can help you get equipment like:

  • Leasing Dry Cleaning equipment
  • dry clean washers
  • dryers
  • presses
  • flatwork ironers
  • point of sale terminals