Equipment Leasing – Charlotte, NC

Financing for Charlotte Businesses

Equipment leasing with Apple Capital Group helps small businesses in and around Charlotte, North Caroline get the equipment they need without an enormous cash outlay. Companies have the equipment and technology they need to maximize production and efficiency while holding onto their valuable cash and credit options. Apple Capital Group welcomes the opportunity to become your financing resource. We specialize in equipment leasing, and we’ve become the trusted choice of small and medium-sized companies throughout the United States.

Don’t Buy Equipment for Your Business
Apple Capital Group wants you to know that equipment leasing offers many advantages over purchasing with 100% cash. For instance, many types of business equipment become obsolete within two to three years of purchase and require replacement. Leasing allows you to make periodic upgrades to your equipment and technology once your lease term is up. Finally, there are some fantastic tax advantages with equipment leasing thanks to the Section 179 tax code. Apple Capital Group recommends consulting with your tax professional because every business has its own unique situation. Now that you know the many benefits that equipment leasing offers, it’s time to proceed with getting the best plan for your company. Apply for your equipment lease directly through the Apple Capital Group website today.