Financing for New York Businesses

Apple Capital Group knows any small or medium-sized business can only go so far with yesterday’s thinking. To keep an edge in a competitive market like New York, a company needs to think differently about using its financial resources. At Apple Capital Group, we can help your New York-based business do that with an cost-effective equipment leasing plan. Success in the Big Apple depends on having access to the best equipment and technology available, no matter what type of business you own. Apple Capital Group is here to provide you with an affordable way to get it. When developing an equipment leasing plan, we make sure the proposed monthly payment options work perfectly with your established budget.

Equipment Leasing in a New York Minute
Equipment leasing with Apple Capital Group is highly beneficial because we have the ability to provide fast financing. Plus, the flexibility of easy financing to quickly replace aging equipment can help your New York business keep up with competitors. Finally, the low monthly lease payment is a business expense, and the equipment doesn’t need to be capitalized. Business success in New York requires making smart decisions regarding your financing. Apply online for an equipment lease with Apple Capital Group today