Financing for Portland Businesses

Equipment leasing with Apple Capital Group frees Portland, Oregon business owners like you from having to make major cash outlays for equipment. Leasing is a great way to get the right equipment at just the right price. Additionally, financing gives you the flexibility to upgrade your equipment when your lease term expires, which means you will never fall into the technology trap of having outdated equipment. In a competitive business environment like Portland, this can be a tremendous advantage. And if that isn’t enough, you will also be able to take advantage of some great Section 179 tax benefits when you lease your business equipment.

The Knowledge and Support You Want
Apple Capital Group is the trusted financing company of many businesses in Portland and throughout the entire United States. Since 1988, we have had a strong reputation of success and have helped countless businesses with our equipment leasing solutions. We have extensive experience in equipment leasing, and our team of financing professionals will provide you with outstanding customer service throughout the entire process. Our solutions are specifically geared towards your company’s budget and financing needs, so know you will be able to obtain new equipment for affordable rates. To start saving on equipment costs with Apple Capital Group, submit an online finance application today.