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Fitness Equipment Leasing

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Fitness Equipment Leasing

Let’s Work Out!

The fitness craze is no longer a phase. With more people paying attention to their weight and recognizing the positive long term results of being in shape has given birth to a booming fitness industry. With more and more gyms and workout spaces being created daily Apple Capital has expanded its programs for fitness equipment leasing and is able to provide some of the best coverage in the country for this type of equipment.

As financially savvy managers in the industry understand, leasing fitness equipment can provide superb tax benefits, and allow for customized payment schedules which can be structured to place the balance of your equipment payments in busy months. If your fitness club is looking to add specialized equipment that could give you a competitive advantage, consider Access’ leasing programs. Everyday, we structure customized leases for companies across North America, and we can put our financing expertise to work for you. Only at Apple Capital can you find truly flexible equipment lease financing at rates you can afford.

Fitness Equipment Types

Apple Capital offers leasing of various types of fitness equipment, and some of our clients have recently leased such items as:

  • Nautilus Equipment
  • Free Weights
  • Exercise Benches
  • Aerobics Equipment
  • Universal Gyms
  • Mats and Specialized Training Equipment
  • Completely Customizable Financing Plans

Apple Capital representatives ensure that your leasing agreement is structured so that your specific equipment’s amortization and payment structure matches the equipment’s depreciation schedule completely. As well, we can customize your payment schedule to weight a majority of lease payments Apple Capital offers fitness equipment leasing programs for organizations requiring anywhere from $10,000 to $5 million worth of equipment. As well, we can provide financing for organizations throughout the United States. Often, we can secure your financing in less that 24 hours, depending on available your credit and the vendor involved. And don’t forget to check out our medical equipment leasing offerings.

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