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Industrial Equipment leasing solutions

Apple Capital Group specializes in providing innovative Industrial Equipment leasing solutions.
Leasing industrial equipment makes excellent business sense. Industrial equipment leasing can help provide your company vital industrial equipment needed to free up cash flow and increase production. With industrial equipment leasing, leasing Apple Capital Group machines, lathes, band saws and other industrial equipment offers a number of critical advantages including: tax deductions, balance sheet management, immediate write-offs, better asset management, improved cash flow, end of term options, easy upgrades, and more. Use your cash flow for payroll or cash expenses and use Apple Capital Group to finance your industrial equipment.

Often, the type of leasing provider you should turn to will depend on your situation. Apple Capital Group is unique because we have the flexibility to service clients within any point in their business cycle or development. We even provide industrial equipment financing for startup companies. Our in-depth knowledge of industrial equipment as a whole provides us familiarity with the value and returns on industrial equipment. Industrial equipment financing or leasing is attractive if your business relies upon the most current technology thus reducing your risk of getting stuck with obsolete or incompatible equipment.

Choosing the right Financing or Leasing provider:
It’s important that you evaluate prospective finance partners just as carefully as they’re evaluating you. Apple Capital Group has the experience and specializes in industrial equipment leasing, while others may not accept this type of collateral.

Here are just some of the Industrial Equipment types we can finance or lease for your company:
CNC Machines
Band Saws
Hydraulic Presses
Gear Cutters
Cut Off Saw
Cutting Tools
Die Cutting
And More!

Our Fast and No-Hassle Application process
Apple Capital Group understands you don’t have time to search for paperwork when business is calling. We have streamlined our application process to get you an approval within one business day. You can access up to 250K with a single page applicationCommercial and Industrial Machinery are available for any client need. Power generators, construction machinery, and heavy lifting equipment are all deployable with or without operators.

By utilizing local assets, BGMC provides advance emergency and regular maintenance as well as necessary manpower to assist with any infrastructural repairs and construction assignments.

All staff and equipment are held to the highest standards of service and latest in industry technologies to ensure high quality results at any job.

Apple Capital Group provides leasing and financing solutions for business operations nationwide. We provide commercial and industrial equipment leases and financing directly to end users and through our dealer partners.Our lease and finance solutions help companies in a variety of industries operate more efficiently and profitably.

If you use the following types of industrial or commercial equipment, or if you are an equipment dealer, contact Apple Capital Groupabout attractive and customer friendly financing solutions.

Tool & Die
Material Handling