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Manufacturing Equipment Leasing

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Manufacturing Equipment Leasing

Getting the Right Manufacturing Equipment

To produce the right products for your customers – at the time and pace they need them – you need just the right manufacturing equipment. When customer needs change, or new opportunities present themselves, you need to get new manufacturing equipment into place in a timely fashion. You can go through long purchasing cycles and commit your own capital, or you can provision what you need by adopting a strategy of manufacturing equipment leasing.

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Why use Your Own Capital?

Let your equipment pay for itself as it produces products for your customers. Apple Capital can provide financing up to 72 months for manufacturing equipment. Since manufacturing equipment has a higher residual value Apple can also finance your equipment with a residual option such as Fair Market Value or a Guaranteed Purchase Option.

You need to increase output and improve the quality of your product. The only way to do that is to get the latest equipment. But with the cost of manufacturing equipment always going up you simply can’t purchase outright all of the equipment you need in a calendar year.

At Apple Capital our goal is to maximize your cash flow and match your payment term to the useful life of your equipment.

Manufacturing Equipment is Capital Intensive

Alongside labor costs, the cost of manufacturing equipment is a key factor in your overall expenses. Advances in manufacturing equipment have made it possible to increase labor productivity and reduce labor expenditure. These gains can only be realized by using state-of-the-art equipment, and that requires capital.
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