Marketing Materials Release for Apple Capital Group, Inc. Thank you for agreeing to participate in a promotional activity sponsored by Apple Capital Group, Inc., This release clarifies out legal right to use your name, likeness, image, voice and words, as well as, any materials you may submit to us for use.

You irrevocably grant to Apple Capital Group, Inc., its successors and assigns, on a worldwide, perpetuals, non-exculusice and royalty-free basis, for all media now existing or created in the future, including but not limited to print, CD-ROM, DVD, Internet and any other electronic medium, the right to use and incorporate into publicity, adverstiting and marketing materials, alone or taken together with other materials (collectively, the “Marketing Materials Release”), in whole or in part, your name, likeness, image, voice biographical data , statement you have made, photographs and video footage taken of you, sound recordings made of you, and any materials you submit to us for use in the promotional activity.

We agree to accurately represent you and your statements and materials. You hereby release any claims you have or may have against Apple Capital Group, Inc., its successors and/or assigns, that anything contained in the Markering Materials Release violates your right of privacy or publicity or is defamatory or libelous to you, reflects adveresely on you, or violates any other right whatsoever, including but not limited to any intellectual property rights.

You agree that Apple Capital Group, Inc., its successors and/or assigns own all proprietary rights in and to the Marketing Materials Release.

You agree that you are not entitled to receive any form of compensation whatsoever for your participation in the promotional activity, except as we may expressly agree in writing.


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