Municipal Truck FinancingMunicipal Truck Financing

Apple Capital knows that an integral part of municipal truck financing is understanding the challenges you face every day. Our financing options allow you to think long-term, beyond just the costs of paying for new equipment using your existing budgets. We help our municipal customers factor in old equipment repair costs, lost fuel efficiency savings and other expenditures to show how our municipal truck financing help overcome municipal budget challenges for the long term. Contact

Apple Capital has broad experience working with states, regions, urban communities, universities, school areas and other city elements. Our devoted civil financing staff sees every one of the subtleties that make metropolitan financing not the same as conventional retail financing, and on account of this we can offer you preferable arrangements over you’ll likely discover somewhere else. We are devoted to supporting your offer and buy cycles, existing gear armada, foreseeing substitution or basically indicating you different buy situations. For instance, we offer financing with semi-yearly and back payments installments, giving a huge advantage for a few regions.

Benefits of Financing with Apple Capital Group includes:

• Competitive rates
• Transaction treated as a lease, not debt
• Rate locks (tied to your delivery schedule)
• Up to 100% financing with no down payment
• Customized finance packages (such as variable, skip or balloon payments)
• Monthly, annual, semi-annual or quarterly payment options
• Flexible repayment terms (based on your budget)
• Terms up to 7 years • Simplified documentation
• Used equipment can be financed

Who is Eligible? Any municipality or political subdivision that can issue tax-exempt securities generally can utilize tax-exempt financing. Examples include: • States • State universities • Cities • Special purpose districts • Counties • Government-owned hospitals • School districts

What Assets are Commonly Financed? • Essential-use assets • Vocational vehicles (e.g., emergency service vehicles) • Telecommunications equipment • Computers (hardware & software) • Government motor vehicle fleets • Modular classrooms/buildings • Heavy equipment (e.g., trucks, street sweeps) • Public works equipment

Tax-Exempt Municipal Financing

What is a Tax-Exempt Contract? • A contract that allows a public entity to purchase equipment and related services by making periodic payments over the useful life of the asset (i.e., an installment purchase contract). • Included as a line item in the borrower’s operating budget and treated as a lease (not debt) under applicable state law. • Interest rates are lower than commercial rates due to the tax-exempt treatment. • Installment payments are subject to annual budgetary appropriations by the municipality. • Voter referendum is generally not required.

Benefits of Tax-Exempt Financing Include: • Low-cost, tax-exempt capital • Flexible repayment terms • Maximizes use of budgeted funds • Protection against obsolescence • Matches expense with product useful life • Easy to add on schedules • Transaction treated as a lease (not debt) under applicable state law • Straight-forward and efficient • Borrower (municipality) holds the title

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