Owner-Operator Truck FinancingOwner-Operator Truck Financing

Discover accomplishment for the whole deal with our adaptable loaning alternatives and installment arrangements. Here is some information about our owner-operator trucking financing program.

Our proprietor administrator back and rent items for new trucks match focused alternatives with your neighborhood merchant’s wide stock of new vehicles. Contact Daimler Truck Financial to take in more about our proprietor administrator fund and rent options.*

Financing Choices for Owner-Operators and Small Businesses Apple Capital Group offers a complete line of finance and lease products tailored to owner-operators and small businesses.

Our standard finance programs for trucks unite competitive retail finance rates with your participating dealer’s broad inventory of new vehicles. They include:

Retail Loan
This is a simple-interest, fixed payment program that locks in an interest rate. Customers can rely on a stable monthly payment for the term of the loan and own the vehicle outright at payoff.

TRAC Lease
Our Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) lease allows customers to establish the residual value of the vehicle at the beginning of the term. At lease end, customers may purchase the truck for its pre-determined TRAC value or return it to DTF. If returned, and the truck exceeds the pre-determined residual value, DTF will return the net proceeds to the customer. If the value is less, the customer is responsible for the difference. TRAC leases usually offer lower payments than retail finance structures and may have tax benefits as well. 03 | Financing for Owner-Operators and Small Businesses Financing for Owner-Operators and Small Businesses | 04 Zero TRAC Lease2 The

lease operates similar to a TRAC lease but amortizes to zero. At lease end, customers may purchase the vehicle for its fair market value and DTF will credit the customer’s payments to the purchase price—resulting in no out-of-pocket costs beyond potential sales tax.*

Modified TRAC Lease
Similar to a TRAC lease, the Modified TRAC lease provides a residual value and offers ownership opportunities at lease end with a specific dollar amount limitation of liability.

Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease
The FMV lease is one of our most flexible finance products. At the end of the lease term, customers have the option to purchase the truck for its current Fair Market Value (plus other amounts or fees that may be due under the lease) or simply return the truck, subject to inspection and certain return conditions and mileage restrictions. It typically requires a lower initial cash outlay and lower monthly payments than through a traditional loan.

Balloon Payments
These types of loans allow customers flexibility with their cash flow and are effective if a customer plans on selling the equipment prior to the end of the term.

Payments Retail contracts can be structured to account for the seasonality of a customer’s business, with reduced or potentially no required payments during slow periods.

Deferred Payments
Life is full of uncertainties. If you find that you need to defer a payment, we will work with you to figure out how to get you through that unexpected time.

Extended Terms
We offer extended terms to help our customers acquire the vehicles they need with a payment they can afford.

No Maximum Amount Financed
We routinely fund contracts for multiple vehicles with values exceeding $1 million.

Special Finance Programs
From time to time, ACG offers special finance programs in conjunction with programs sponsored by our brand partners. Be sure to ask what programs may be available at the time of financing your truck.


Truck Insurance Options

Did you know that as a Apple Capital Group’s customer you can receive some of the best truck and business protection programs in the industry? As we all know, protecting business assets is necessary and when not managed properly it can cost you a great deal in premiums and potential loss from lack of coverage. Apple Capital is working with EPG Insurance to make insurance products available to our customers. By collaborating with one of the most respected insurance organizations in the commercial vehicle industry, ACG customers can receive the best truck protection programs available in addition to superior financing options.
GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)
Provides coverage in a total loss situation where there is a balance on the vehicle loan. Coverage is available for new or used trucks or trailers.

GAPlus (GAP + Total Loss Protection)
Provides not only GAP coverage, but expands coverage to include a settlement of up to $10,000 to be used at the dealership to help you defray the costs related to replacing the totaled vehicle.

Physical Damage
Provides insurance for physical damage to the covered truck or trailer.

Non-Trucking Liability (NTL)
Provides a permanently leased owner-operator limited liability coverage when the vehicle is operated specifically for personal and non-business purposes and is not under dispatch.

30-Day Drive-Away
Provides temporary physical damage and NTL coverage for customers leasing with a carrier who plan to purchase insurance through the carrier.

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