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Security Equipment Leasing

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Security Equipment Leasing

Security Equipment Leasing

Save with Apple Capital Security Equipment Leasing

Apple Capital provides complete security solutions from security cameras to armored cars. You can save money for your company by leasing security equipment from Apple Capital. U.S. companies alone lease over $300 billion worth of security equipment each year.

Apple Capital offers security equipment for a wide variety of situations:

  • Office Security – fire-proof safes, filing cabinets, vault doors and more
  • Computer Data Security – secure access, biometric access, backup & recovery
  • Building Security – security cameras and recording systems, access door controls
  • Property Security – perimeter controls
  • HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Be Secure Sooner

Apple Capital processing times are much shorter than getting a bank loan. Apple Capital has thousands of happy commercial customers.

Contact us immediately to get experienced advice on financing!

Leasing enables you to customize a financing program to address your business’ cash flow issues, including budgeting, transaction and cyclical fluctuations. Many of our security company clients require seasonal leases, as an example, which help them to slot payments into their busiest months, and avoid payments during the off-season. Leasing eliminates the asset management overhead that comes with owning your own equipment.

Security Equipment Lease Types

We provide a variety of security equipment to our clients. You can rent a single piece of equipment or satisfy all the security needs of your business. Our agents will get you exactly the lease you need. Call us now Apple Capital  at  866-611-7457 to talk about your financing needs.

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