When you are one person trying to run your accounting, finance, administrative, marketing, operations, and customer service departments during a 24 hour period each day, you start to wonder “How the heck am I going to grow this thing?” You do not have the time for networking events or posting flyers and you do not have the budget for any sort of advertising campaign (both online or in the physical world!)

So what do you do? I say focus on how you deliver your product or service!

Think about it! If you are a service-based company, then you are being hired because of your expertise in a given area (or because you are cheaper than your competitors.) The only thing your client expects is for you to deliver what they are paying for. You, however, actually have much more knowledge about what your service is provided for and why it is needed than your client may know and/or think they need to know. Educate your clients about your industry, products, and services and why they are needed. Share your knowledge with your clients that can help them make better informed decisions in the future and possibly prevent any problem situations that may arise down the road. Giving your knowledge to you clients is free to you, but invaluable for them!

The rest is up to you! You should be managing the entire client experience with your company in a way that promotes honesty and integrity! Become a vendor they can trust and count on! Show them you want them to become as successful as they can be by exceeding their expectations! Not just in terms of the service you are providing, but the way you provide it and the knowledge you share with them! They will love you for it and sing your praises, and not just to you! When they come in contact with others that need your services, they will remember you!

Now your business growth is fueled by FREE marketing in the form of word-of-mouth advertising and client referrals!

Published On: August 31st, 2022 / Categories: Uncategorised /

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