Health care reform update
A special message from John Garrison, Vice President, General Counsel, Colonial Life
As you know, a home office team dedicated to health care reform is constantly monitoring and reviewing what’s happening during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, how it affects the marketplace, how it affects our salespeople and how it affects our business.

This update serves as a reminder and a quick reference to the tools and materials we’ve developed that are currently available for you to use with employers, employees and brokers to discuss health care reform. If you have questions about health care reform, send an email to, and we’ll respond with a reply as quickly as possible.

Updated health care reform tools and materials
During the past few months, the home office has updated several tools and materials to help you communicate with employers, employees and brokers about health care reform changes. As indicated below, several pieces contain new information and the refreshed company brand, and we’re continuing to update and rebrand these items as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for updates throughout the rest of the year.

Marketing Materials

·         Rebranded, updated Feb. 2014 Guide to Health Care Reform Provisions (Colonial Life and Paul Revere versions)
Your Guide to Health Care Reform Provisions includes an overview of the major requirements from the Affordable Care Act, along with recommendations on how an employer needs to prepare and respond.

·         Rebranded, updated Feb. 2014 Health Care Reform Quick Reference Guide (Colonial Life and Paul Revere versions)
A high-level summary of the major requirements and actions needed in a quick-reference format the employer can save. Use this flier if the need arises to discuss health care reform with new, existing and potential accounts.

·         Rebranded Communications Solutions for Health Care Reform (Colonial Life and Paul Revere versions)
Use this flier with employers and brokers to explain how we can help them with health care reform changes. 

·         Drop-off flier for employers
Use this flier as a drop off with employers to show how Colonial Life can help with health care reform challenges. (form # 101382 in online ordering)

·         Health Care Reform Decision Maker Presentation (Colonial Life and Paul Revere versions)
Overview of health care reform and how Colonial Life can help to use with decision makers.

·         Health Care Reform Broker Presentation (Colonial Life and Paul Revere versions)
Overview of health care reform and how Colonial Life can help to use with decision makers.


·         White Paper — Colonial Life advises employers to look beyond health insurance
Use this white paper to show employers why a comprehensive approach to employee benefits is important. Access the white paper and news release on the online newsroom at

Small Business Tax Credit (FAQs)
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) added a new Section 45R to the Internal Revenue Code. Section 45R offers a tax credit to certain small employers who provide health insurance coverage to their employees. Colonial Life and Paul Revere sales representatives and managers should recommend employers work with their tax advisors for determining their eligibility for and claiming the Small Business Tax Credit.

Benefits Communication & Education

·         Health Care Reform Enrollment Checklist
Plan for a successful enrollment with health care reform.

·         Group Meeting Presentation (Colonial Life and New York versions)
Comprehensive presentation, including health care reform overview, to use in group meetings.


·         AHIP Health Exchange Training
Colonial Life has partnered with AHIP to provide a unique training platform covering key aspects of Federal and state-based health insurance exchanges at a discounted cost to our sales organization.

·         Webinar — Impacts on Defined Contributions
Recent guidance under the Affordable Care Act changes the approach employers can take regarding defined contributions toward individual major medical plans. If your clients are looking to you for information on what type of pre-/post-tax employer contributions are permissible under health care reform changes, you don’t want to miss this informative session presented by Ashley Gillihan, Esq., of Alston & Bird LLP.

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