Helping and Guiding In Creating A Catalog
Catalogs, especially in business sector, are used as a promotion tool to advertise their products, services and also to attract buyers or customers. Catalog can be classified in to two kinds, a software or database catalog and a hard copy catalog. When we say software or database catalog, this is the kind of catalog which is made by computer programmers. As the name implies it can only be viewed by the use of a computer. A hardcopy catalog is like a brochure, magazine, and booklet, anything that shows pictures of products and listing of services of a certain company. However, these two is the same when it comes to use but they are different in function that is according to their purpose.

When making or creating a catalog both database and hardcopy is not simple. You have lots of things to consider. First you must decide what kind of catalog you want to create. Will it be a consumer catalog or a B2B catalog? Secondly, how many products do you want per page? Basically a consumer catalogs have from 1-12 while B2B catalogs may have higher density. Third, what other supporting elements do you want: order envelope, sales terms, table of contents, index, etc. Fourth, will the catalog cover contain products for sale, highlighted products, or no products? And lastly, how many catalogs will you need to print?

If you are able to answer these questions, you are ready to make your own catalog. But we are not done yet, because we are just starting in making a catalog. One of the most difficult things in creating a catalog is when you are conceptualizing your own design or style. You must have a vast amount of technical knowledge as well as skill when it comes to designing a catalog for printing. If you are having a hard time with this you can always ask for help from a catalog designer or from a printing company that has catalog printing services. You must look for a company that has produced catalogs and knows what they’re doing. Also, confirm that the catalog designer has an opening in their schedule for your catalog job.

The last part of creating a catalog is the printing part. Printing a catalog also needs a specialized printing process. If you don’t know what is the correct printer for your catalog ask for help from a catalog designer. Because these catalog designers are typically working with many printers and can refer you to the right printer you need. Or better yet, have them get the quotes for you. They speak their language and will make sure you are comparing the right numbers and specifications.

So that’s it, hope you have a great time creating your own catalog. Above guides are just pointers in designing and printing your catalog. Remember that it is always better to get the help of professionals when it comes to creating materials that would represent your business in the market.

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