How to Become Your Own Publicist

How to Become Your Own PublicistHow to Become Your Own Publicist. When big businesses develop products or services, they hire publicists to promote them. The publicists’ job is to organize a promotional camping. They provide a report or story to journalists in various forms of online and offline media. They’re hired to promote and creating mass public interest. Making a small business perform on a grand scale is simple. By becoming your own publicist, you can promote the same way, leaving you competition in the dust.  How to Become Your Own Publicist

First, make a list of potential contacts in forms media you’ll target. In other words, find journalists. Good journalists are always hungrily looking for a unique story to write about. When you present them with one, they’re more than happy to listen. You’re making their job easier bringing a story to them and cutting their research time down. They often spend more time looking for a story to write about, than dong what they love, interviewing people and writing stories to publish! How to Become Your Own Publicist

You can find many find journalists working for local newspapers nation wide. Simply call local newspapers and ask to speak to the appropriate reporter. Then, fill them in on your story. However, don’t give the complete story away at that moment. Create interest and schedule an appointment for the reporter to get your complete story.

You’re actually setting up a press conference. When you spoke to each reporter, you gave then a convenient way to get your full story without leaving their office. How? By inviting them to your press conference that will take place on a teleconference call line. This way, you can invite hundreds of reporters to hear your story and interview you at once. You can find teleconference lines on the Internet at no cost. Just do a search for them.

When the press knows your story, it will create a buzz about your business and be printed in newspapers as a feature for people to read. Your business contact information will also be included in the newspaper article so people can contact your business. If 50 newspapers with a circulation of 30,000 readers per day print your story, 1,500,000 people will receive it in their newspaper. Of the 1,500,000 people, let’s say that only 50,000 read your story. If of 50,000, only 2,000 contact your business, totaling 2,000 excellent quality leads, that’s not bad. How to Become Your Own Publicist

This same technique used for exposure in magazines and other forms of media. Most have online and offline editions. When news is considered legitimate, it’s taken more seriously that any advertisement you can buy. How to Become Your Own Publicist

Did I mention this would not cost one dime? How to Become Your Own Publicist

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