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Jeremy Victor knows a thing or two about guest posting. He’s the founder of Make Good Media, is well-known source of knowledge on B2B blogging as the Editor-In-Chief of B2B Bloggers. He’s also a contributor to the Grande Guide to B2B Blogging. Today, he offers tips for getting a guest post on influential blogs.
Guest blogging is gets your brand, thought leaders and voice in front of new communities and prospects. From a B2B perspective, it’s one of the most valuable outcomes of a blogging strategy. Many people are unsure how to approach an influential blogger, though. When the proper approach is taken, securing a guest post becomes a much less daunting task.
Here are 6 tactics for improving guest blog article placement.
Become Known In The Community
The absolute best piece of advice when it comes to securing a guest blog post is to first establish a relationship within the community. I recommend spending at least a month reading and commenting on articles, sharing the blog’s content socially, and interacting with the blog community members, before ever broaching the topic of guest posting. Going in blind with no established relationship is a surefire way of getting your request ignored.
Think Thought Leadership, Not SEO
If a guest blogging strategy is driven by an SEO-mindset that’s likely to come through to the blog owner in the request. Learn what makes this community unique and the types of articles that perform well, and model your approach after that. An inbound link is not the reason to make your request, it’s simply a secondary benefit.

Do Your Homework
Every blog or publication has a unique set of guidelines for guest contributions. It’s your job to find them, understand them, and make your pitch conform to them. Be at the same time concise and thorough. Make the job of approving your request a simple one by providing a title and abstract for your article, links to other guest blog posts at reputable, known blogs, and your social profile and contact information.
Kill The Form Email
We all loving saving time, but popular blogs and traditional publications get pitched all the time. If your first email starts, “I found your blog this morning and it looks to have some interesting content.” I can almost guarantee it will be deleted before the reader gets to the next sentence. This is where point number one becomes so important. Once known within the community, a form email is not needed. You’ll stand out because of your existing relationship and previous contributions to the community.
Create Best Effort, Quality Content
This point should go without saying, but since your post is going to be living in someone else’s domain, it’s worth reiterating. Once it is submitted, the blog owner still has the final say on whether or not it will be published. Devote the appropriate amount of time to produce a quality piece and remember the intent is to create a piece for the benefit of the community, not your company.

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