How To Start A Non Profit Organization

Non Profit Organization how to – Sounds impossible? No Way! Yes it can be bureaucratic for a non profit organization and there’s some red tape you’ll have to wade though, but if you are a qualifying type of organization, getting  nonprofit status is definitely the way to go, especially if you want to get grants from funding groups. Attaining non profit organization status for yourself as a group or organization may be critical in order to receive those grants that you are hoping will fund you, and it will only cost you a couple hundred dollars! Many grants are only available to nonprofits, so don’t wince at the mention of what may sound like an overwhelming and daunting task. Drive in! It may be easier than you think. If starting a non profit organization, here are the steps!

Structure of Your Non Profit Organization Step by Step

For Not for Profit Organization

  1. Information about Non Profit Organization Corporation under Texas
  2. Texas – Application for Registration for a Non profit Corporation
  3. IRS – EIN Employer Identification Number –,,id=97860,00.html
  4. IRS Exemption Application for Non Profit Organization 501 (c) 3 or

a)        Phone: Land Line (sometimes discounts are offer for Non Profit Organization ask discounts

b)        Bank Account: Any with Free Checking for Non Profit Organization

c)        Domain (Go Daddy, Blue Host) etc. with a WordPress account or blog understand a sub domain. Make sure you have at least 5 pages to good content. Submit your company to internet directories. Make you apply for .org extension for your non profit organization.


e)        Create an Non Profit Organization Development Business Plan and Capability Statement – your local SCORE OFFICE can help.

f)         Apply for DUNS# as a government suppliers for your non profit organization under small business tab –;jsessionid=81407B1F03F2BDB123DD47D19158B75F

g)        Register with a  if Central Contractor Registration for your small business

h)         Apply for a Merchant Credit Account with a credit card processor along with google and paypal payments. A Merchant account for a business no more than $10. Check to see if there is a non profit organization program so you can pay less.



i)         Register a Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google + and Twitter account for social marketing for your non profit organization. Also, there is a list of the top 100 social media site, try to get listed on all of them – it will only benefit you more.

j)         Register with State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for Reseller Certificate or Tax Exemption register. or Your LOCAL STATE TAX OFFICE for Non Profit Organizations.


k)        Go to to register all your social links and watch to edit local directories listing

l)         Make videos for your tube, take picture for website and write a blog on your site

m)      SBA SCORE


There are the type of people you should have on your board of directors. Board members with licensed credentials give the non profit more creditability.

  • CPA
  • Attorney
  • Another Non-profit
  • Religious Leader
  • Teacher, Doctor, Engineer, etc.
  • Business Leader

Building Business Credit-  Starter Accounts (30 to 60 days)

  • Reliable Office
  • Quail Office
  • Gremplers
  • Grainger

Again as a non profit organization, you should have a complete description of your purpose and activities of your non profit organization. You need to have financial information, and if you have not yet begun operation, a proposed budget, along with a statement of assets and liabilities and information on how to you intended to finance your activities, through fundraisers and grants, etc.

Critical when filing for tax-exempt status for your non profit organization, obviously, is to have an organization that has a darned good reason for asking for exemption. The IRS has separated the classification of acceptable organizations into the groups within which your potential organization may fall, thus possibly qualifying for exemption.

Charitable Non Profit Organization (s) – charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing you public safety fostering national or international amateur sports competition, Prevention of cruelty to children or animals.

Social Welfare Non Profit Organization (s) – civic leagues and community organizations.

Labor and Agricultural Non Profit Organization – labor unions, councils or committees, farm bureaus, agriculture, and horticultural organization.

Social Clubs Non Profit Organization (s) – hobby clubs and country clubs.

Business Leagues Non Profit Organization (s) – Trade Association,s Chamber of Commerce, Real Estate Board, and Professional Associations.

Fraternal Societies – lodges and similar orders and associations.

Veteran’s Non Profit Organization (s) – post or organizations of past and present embers of the Armed forces of the United States

Employee’s Associations Non Profit Organization (s) – voluntary employees benefit associations and local associations of employees.

Political Non Profit Organization (s) – campaign committees political parties, and political action committees.

Other Tax-Exempt Non profit Organization (s) – miscellaneous qualifying organizations.

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