How To Start A Trucking Business and Grow it To Success

The transportation industry is enormous, grossing nearly $1 trillion dollars annually, however trucking counts for three-quarters of that amount. In “How to Start a Trucking Business and Grow it to Success” workshop, you will learn the ins and outs of the trucking industry; mostly how to get started and how to grow the business with ease. The logistics and transportation industry is highly competitive and has great potential for professional truck drivers that understand the trade. If you are ready to start a trucking company, but you are not certain where to begin, this straightforward guide will steer you in the right direction. Here is one of our most successful workshop on How To Start A Trucking Business and Grow It To Success. 

  • 70% of all freight in the United States is currently transported by the trucking industry
  • 27% growth is expected over the next decade
  • 91% of trucking companies operate six or fewer trucks, meaning the industry is dominated by small carriers

Talking Points:

  • Getting started and understanding formation
  • Building your personal and business credit
  • Securing financing for your business
  • Understanding Federal contracting
  • Getting your small business certifications
  • Drafting your capability statement for contraction
  • How to purchase your truck and what to look for
  • Dealing with carriers
  • Do you need an authority
  • Financial statement basic and accounting
  • Finding opportunities and working with brokers
  • Safety and compliance
  • Hiring employees
  • Drafting a business plan

Workshop Fee $99 (Lunch will be provided)

Presented by Tim Jacquet

Tim Jacquet is a certified SCORE mentor and volunteer. He has been working with business development for 35 years. He has expertise in non-profit organizations, start-ups, small business financing, and government contracting. He is the Chief Operation Officer for Apple Capital Group, Inc., and the host of The Core Business Show. #trucking #transportation #transportationfinancing

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