Invoice Financing Structure and Pricing

from our Asset Based Lending and Invoice Factoring Company

At Apple Capital Group, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll never simply offer a “cookie cutter” approach to financing your business. We understand that every company is unique and that individual situations often call for a customized solution. We go to great lengths to develop a program tailored to meet your individual situation. This flexibility is one of the hallmarks of our freedom to grow philosophy.

Some Highlights of Our Flexible Invoice Financing Structure and Pricing Programs

True “Floating” Credit Limits

Banks will set credit line limits based on your current equity or historic cash flow. This “hard cap” hampers your ability to grow your business.

At Apple Capital Group,Inc., we give you Freedom to Grow® through a credit line that increases as your business grows. As long as you are selling to creditworthy customers, your access to cash and working capital to fund that growth is virtually unlimited.

High Advance Rates

Ask around — you’ll find that most banks, asset-based lenders and factoring companies allow for advance rates up to 80%. You’ll occasionally even find a few firms who advance up to 85%. At Apple Capital Group, advances rates of 90% and higher are quite common for our preferred industries. We don’t believe in an arbitrary cap when a business needs, and deserves, a higher advance rate.

No Required Contract Term

Unlike most lenders, we don’t believe in requiring our customers to lock into long term contracts with heavy penalties for cancellation. We are committed to earning your business daily.

Customer Concentrations

Companies often find that a single customer represents a significant percentage of their business. This can drastically reduce a company’s borrowing availability, as banks and asset-based lenders usually cap availability on customer concentrations in excess of 25%.

Apple Capital Group is the expert in helping companies with higher customer concentrations. As long as your customer is creditworthy and we can confirm balances owing through our audit process, we can fund significant concentrations…even up to 100%.

Recourse & Non-Recourse Options Available

Not all companies require non-recourse factoring, but for many it is a must. Whatever your business’s needs, we have the program options to make your decision process easier. And even our non-recourse factoring program isn’t “standard” — there are many different options available to create a program truly customized to your needs.

No Ongoing Field Audits

Many lenders require quarterly on site field audits to review their borrower’s books and records. At up to 1,200 per day, these ongoing audits can cost your business $20,000 a year or more — not to mention the time and lost productivity of your accounting personnel. With Apple Capital Group field exams are rarely, if ever, required.

No Financial Covenants or Owner Salary Restrictions

Financial covenants and salary restrictions are designed to restrict a company’s growth. At Apple Capital Group, we’ll never get in the way of letting you grow your business. That’s what Freedom to Grow® is all about.

Access to Collected Reserves

Many banks and factoring companies only provide access to collected reserve funds on a monthly basis. Apple Capital Group releases these funds on a regular weekly basis along with regularly scheduled findings. It’s just another way we help you maximize your cash flow to fund your business’s growth.

Pick and Choose Account Debtors to Factor

With Apple Capital Group, you won’t have to factor all of your accounts receivable — you can hand-select the customers you want to include in the program.

Bank “Over-Lines” Provide Add-On Capital

In many cases, a borrower is not looking to leave its current bank — it’s just looking for additional working capital in conjunction with its bank line of credit to supplement its seasonality or growth. One of Apple Capital Group most popular products — the bank “Over-Line” was designed to allow both Apple Capital Group and the bank to work together to accommodate the company’s additional financing needs. This enables the company to access additional funds without having to replace its current financing arrangement.

Competitive Pricing

Our rates are among the nation’s most competitive. Why? It’s simple. The small business market is primarily served by small factoring companies and asset-based lenders, much smaller than Apple Capital Group in size and scale. Due to their smaller size, these smaller lenders have a higher internal cost of funds than larger financial institutions. But most financial institutions with Apple Capital Group larger size and scale focus their financing on larger clients. Apple Capital Group “bridges the gap” and brings its lower-cost financing to the small and middle-market customer. Just compare our pricing and structures to other firms, and you’ll see the difference.

Wide Range of Pricing Options

As each client’s business is unique, we believe the financing structure for that client must also be unique — the number of pricing options available at Apple Capital Group is virtually unlimited. Apple Capital Group collaborates with its clients, reviewing and considering their individual needs. And, whenever possible, Apple Capital Group offers several pricing options, so clients can choose the options that work best for them.

No Float Days – Immediate Credit for Collections

When was the last time you heard of a lender offering immediate credit for checks deposited? With banks, there is almost always some sort of delay for funds. But at Apple Capital Group, payments from your customers received at our lock box are posted immediately. This is just another way we maximize our customer’s access to cash flow.