Merchant Credit Card Processing

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Merchant Credit Card Services Processing Overview

Apple Capital Group, Inc., will enable your business to accept the following payment types from your customers at highly competitive prices:

Merchant Credit Card Processing Services

We are Apple Capital Group merchant processing services allow a retail or internet merchant to accept credit card payments from their customers. In today’s market, not accepting credit card transactions will cost you valuable business opportunities. Convenience is one of the most important factors in consumer buying habits. If you are not accepting credit cards, your competitors most certainly are. There are numerous sources for merchant processing services available today. It is important to understand the differences in available options so that you end up with a competitive agreement. Making a mistake in choosing your merchant processor could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Merchant Credit Card Processing

Some important factors to consider when choosing a merchant processor include:

  • Application or set-up fees
  • The discount rate offered
  • Transaction fees
  • Monthly minimum fees
  • Security of the transaction process
  • Equipment requirements
  • Customer service

Our merchant processing service at Apple Capital Group provides businesses with secure credit card processing solutions at affordable rates. There are no applications or set-up fees. These services result in fast, efficient, secure transactions processing capabilities no matter the size of your company. In addition to seamless transactions processing, our merchant processing services will keep your funds flowing and your rates low. Merchant Credit Card Processing

Some of the merchant processing services we offer include:

  • Retail processing
  • Restaurant processing
  • Mail Order processing
  • Phone Sales processing
  • Internet processing
  • Reoccurring billing
  • Wireless processing

Already Have a Merchant Processing Service? Merchant processing services has become a very competitive industry. We realize that there are many options available to choose from. We encourage you to give us an opportunity to review your current merchant processing contract and see if we can save you some money. We are so confident that we will find a way to save you money that we are offering a $500 challenge! Merchant Credit Card Processing

Did You Know? Did you know that your discount rate could actually be set too low and be COSTING you money? A common sales approach among less-experienced providers is to offer you the lowest discount rate to make you think you will save money. In reality, that approach is probably costing you money on every transaction you process. Contact us today and one of our experienced representatives can explain how you can achieve real savings on your credit card processing fees. Another approach some vendors use is to start with introductory rates that sound really low but creep up on you so that you no longer achieve the savings promised after a few months. Our processing company has only raised rates once in the last five years. This means the rates you see in your quote are the rates you can expect on your statement each month. Merchant Credit Card Processing

The Apple Capital Group Advantage In addition to offering the most competitively-priced merchant processing services in the industry, we also provide many other benefits to our clients such as:

  • No application or set-up fee
  • Free equipment option
  • Secure transaction processing
  • Fast and easy approval process
  • Superior customer service

The Apple Capital Group Advantage
The Apple Capital Group merchant cash advance is not considered a loan. What we are actually doing is purchasing an asset, in this case your future credit card transactions. There is no interest rate involved. Our clients have told us that this process is much more beneficial to them because the burden is not put on the owners for business debt.Merchant Credit Card Processing

Apple Capital Group offers:

  • Fast access to working capital, in as few as 5 to 10 business days.
  • No personal collateral required.
  • No personal guarantees required.
  • No application or closing costs of any kind.
  • Limited financial review.
  • Simple paperwork—only 2 forms.
  • Since our merchant advance is not technically a loan, it will not show up on the owner’s credit report.
  • No large checks to remember to write each month to pay back a traditional loan.
  • No interruption in cash flow because payments come from daily credit card transactions.
  • A completely automated process, leaving you time to manage your business. Merchant Credit Card Processing

Apple Capital Group, Inc., can also provide the following services to your business at extremely low rates:

  • ATM Debit Card
  • Debit card use is sky rocketing as more customers are discovering their convenience and more merchants are discovering the potential savings over alternative payment methods. Central Payment offers pin based debit card services for less than the competition.
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • PCI DSS Compliance is mandatory for ensuring the security and reliability of your point-of-sale setups within the credit card processing industry. Apple Capital takes a proactive approach to this problem and will help your business become fully compliant with these new industry standards as effectively and quickly as possible. We at Apple Capital Group help you to be and keep in compliance.

Stay on top of your processing activity

Stay on top of your processing activity using Enjoy account and terminal information, online support, statements, and detailed transaction reporting. And did we mention the best part? This service is free! Merchant Credit Card Processing

  • E-Commerce & Internet Services
  • Accept credit cards online! The Trinity Program is one of our most popular products. Three services are included: A virtual terminal, website gateway, and phone charge system (call in orders over the phone) to process credit cards on your cell phone. Use one or all three. Click here to view the demo.
  • Accept credit and debit cards
  • Accept credit and debit cards everywhere you go with our Way Systems MTT or Nurit 8020. These wireless units are perfect for any mobile business, trade show business, or a business that does not want to spend the money on a phone line. Includes internal pin pad.
  • Payware for iPhone

Use your iPhone to accept credit and debit through Payware Mobile software. Simply swipe a card, capture a signature and enjoy the convenience of payments wherever, whenever. With Payware Mobile, not only do you have the ultimate in convenience, but you also have the ultimate in security with the only product in the market with patented end-to-end encryption. Please see our Payware Mobile page for details.

Need a more sophisticated system

Need a more sophisticated system to accept payment and help your business? Setup your new or existing Point of Sale systems to accept our services, low rates, and unbeatable support. We are compatible with many POS industry providers such as Micros, PosiTouch, Maitre’D, and SellbySoft to mention a few. Whether grocery, lodging, retail, or professional services we can configure it for you. Please see our POS page for details – we have may financing options at Apple Capital Group to assist you.

Need to verify that your checks

Need to verify that your checks are good right on the spot? Our POS Conversion w/ Guarantee program will verify, convert, and guaranty your checks through a check reader terminal. Accept a check as if it were a credit card! Simply swipe the check through your check reader and the money will be electronically deposited into your checking account within 48 hours and never come back out, even if the check is NSF. We offer this service for a flat 1.49% plus 25 cents.

Check Conversion:

Verify and convert your checks without guaranty for less. Our POS Conversion w/ out Guarantee program will verify and convert your check (but offers no guaranty) for a flat 30 cents per check. We will electronically deposit your check into your checking account within 48 hours. Check 21 services for guarantee and non-guarantee options are also available. Please see our Check Services page for details. Merchant Credit Card Processing

Instill customer loyalty

Instill customer loyalty and get an advance from future customer purchases! We have three gift card programs to choose from. If you are still giving out gift receipts on paper you need this product. Sign up today and get 50 cards for close to nothing! Ask your Account Executive for more information.

Put cash into your business!

Put cash into your business! Apple Capital Group, Inc., can advance your business between $4,000 to $300,000! In order to qualify you must process over $5,000 a month and have been in business for nine months or more.

About Internet Virtual Terminal Services

Apple Capital Group offers our merchants the Trinity credit card processing system for online transaction processing. Merchant Credit Card Processing

The Trinity software package is an extremely robust and full-featured solution that provides three elements: e-commerce website services (including shopping carts and payment gateways), an easy-to-use online virtual terminal and also wireless credit card acceptance using cell phones or Nextel phones. Any or all of the functions are available and include extensive reporting features. Trinity includes:

  • Point of Sale
  • Swiped and Manual Transactions
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Instant Transactions
  • Receipt Printing
  • E-Commerce
  • Button Generator
  • OSCommerce Shopping Cart Plugin, several shopping carts supported too
  • Gateway Service and Remote APIs
  • Code Examples in Multiple Programming Languages


  • Manual transactions via cell phones
  • Swiped transactions via Nextel phones
  • Palm OS Processing Software
  • HTML Lite for any PDA


  • Real-time transaction reporting
  • Export to Microsoft Excel, XML, CSV
  • Import into all major account software

Merchant Credit Card Processing Click here to view the demo!