Procurement Financing 

We at Apple Capital Group Procurement financing bridge your company’s ability to bid on commercial and government contracts without the worries of how you are going to finance the order. We will set up a line of credit or pay your vendors in advance for the order so you will be able to honor your commitment. Financing the purchases reduces the pressure of businesses of overextending themselves, we will handle the procurement process from beginning to end. Procurement Financing

This how Procurement Financing works at Apple Capital Group …

You place and order with your suppliers and send a copy of the order to Apple Capital Group. We will work with the vendors by supplying a letter of credit or purchasing the product or service once performed. Once the produce or service is delivered the financing ends and you can convert factoring

Why us at Apple Capital Group for Procurement Financing

  • We offer generous terms
  • We finance all types of transactions
  • We allow you to maintain your cash flow and resources
  • We all offer exceptional serve

Call us at Apple Capital Group and ask to speak to one of our lending officers about how we can help up in procurement financing needs at 866-611-7457. We look forward in hearing from you.