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For more information, check our of purchase order financing page about the program. We offer plenty of financing options to business who have contracts or bidding on contract where them need a way to financing the contract. is a specialized finance company based in New York, providing Purchase order financing, letters of credit and creative short-term transactional financing for importers, exporters, and other short-term borrowers. With over 8 years in business, our extensive service in trade finance allows Apple Capital Group Finance to deliver quick turnaround and immediate answers to small and medium borrowers. Our flexibility and creative financing is the most important aspect to enhancing your business success.

Few people realize just how complex the supply chain can be. Ensuring that shelves remain stocked for consumers requires the participation of many different parties, from the producers of those products, to the companies that purchase them, to the brokers that sell them to retailers.

If your business plays a role in this process, you know all too well that the challenge isn’t in getting orders; it’s having the capital needed to fill them. That’s where we here at Apple Capital come in.

We’re Here to Help

Our Purchase Order Financing Program offers you the chance to obtain an outstanding financing package outside of traditional lending options. We’ve helped many other companies like yours in the past, including:

  • Wholesalers
  • Resellers
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers

Whether you’re in need of production finance to complete an order already in progress, or you’re looking for Letters of Credit for foreign or domestic trade purchases, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, this program gives you fast and flexible financing without having to compromise your company’s financial future by assuming more bank debt or selling off equity shares.

As leaders in commercial finance industry, we’re well aware of all of the financial obstacles inherent with the supply chain. That’s why we stand ready to help you get the funding that you need, no matter the part that you play in that process. Trust in the ability of our team to deliver you the financing tools to help you succeed. For more information on this and the many other outstanding financial products that we offer, just give us a call today.

We provide 100% funding of cost, and also provide an overlay to operational management process that ensures the goods are of proper quality, insured, shipped on time, and the end buyer pays in a timely fashion which warrants the success of each transaction. Apple Capital Group is managed by trade finance and merchant banking professionals with extensive backgrounds as well as professionals from manufacturing and trading. Together we bring our combined expertise to address the funding needs of our clients.